Friday, 27 January 2012

oh no!

My friends its wiv a huff and a puff that I has to announce that tomorrow is 
'haircut day'

I dunno why?


  1. So you had your furs done on Saturday. It's Sunday and you hasn't posted a piccie on here of your new 'do'. I bet you are all spotless white and looking absolutely gorgeous :) You Westie girls always look immaculately turned out.

  2. I second that comment from teagan. Where is da piccies?

  3. Hi Martha Frisbee Bradley here wiffs yu today. I am a 5 year old girl Westie and I libes in Fort Bragg, CA wiffs Mom, my Papa, sissy Pickie and Mom's stupid cat Mr. Kitty. You looks likes me when I am on ones ob my Gofer searching adbentures...I get muddy and messy diggin fur da darn Gofers. I just stopped on by tu say hello.