Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I has been haircutted!

On Saturday I did go to have my hair cut at Linella Dog Groomin (them blinkin doggies is mezzmerizin)

what do ya fink?


  1. Martha! I duz like ya noo bloggie and ya noo doo! You duz look very soffisticated. Westie Smile and Licks, AnnieB and Miss M

  2. It be lookin very soffyisticated MArffa. You is bound to be turnin heads this weekend. Woof

  3. GruffHello there Martha !! - I have been a paw plodding about Twitter and am most pleased to have found your lovely paw picture home here! I love your new hair style - very lovely, the Bordoggy is all of an overcome with your new styled self - alas, sadly I am in great need of my coat stripping, I am apparently a disgrace so I am, ah well......maybe its a good idea when it stops raining here in Yorkshire! A new summer style for me. Take care, love Barnie x

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