Monday, 31 October 2011

A place of me own.

hello to all my furiends old and noo,
I duz finally have me own blog to do wot I likes wiv, mum can't come along and rite borin fings bout the boys and werk and the football she can do that on her own (legally contracted to say) very fine blog which can be found at my old address
2 boys and a dog
I fink she gonna leave me old posts up (coz she too scared to delete them)
Fank you for poppin by
Martha x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

For Baxter and Oslo

Just a quick bloggy for my New Zealand buddies @Baxter_man and @Oslo_Pup.

I did tell Baxter last year that he should put some stamps on himself and jump in the post box,

and I is still waitin...

I has even got some men round to make da house extra safe...

When I did see da noos I did have to make sure it wasn't one of Baxters plans to blow up da fridge again...

We did wait all day for Baxter and Oslo to let us know they was ok...but then did fink hang on it be their night time so we did relax a little bit (not)

They is both ok so we duz be sayin if you duz have time you can help others too...

there is lots of hashtags on twitter that we did follow for noos and this is how I found the links if you duz want me to put sum on the pleeze tell me.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

troofs and lies.

is my turn to do my troofs and lies so here goes not sure there is anyone left to tag!!

1. You must proudly display the graphic . 

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them has to be lies 

3. You must pass this award on to 5 bloggers that you do know.

Number 1

Every night I duz read da boys a bedtime story...

Number 2

I duz wipe my feet when I comes in...

Number 3

I is named after famous song 'Martha my Dear' 

Number 4

I can use the toilet... 

Number 5

I is as quiet as a mouse you duz never hear me bark...

 now da tricky part to find 5 blogpeeps who not dun it yet.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

a dog, a bog, a blog.

Today we did go to Moseley Bog, it duz be a local nature reserve and not a public convienience ( though I did leave peemail)

When we got der we did see a letter M in da tree so I duz claim it as mine.

 (has you read Henry the Explorer by Mark Taylor)

Well Marthas Bog duz be in Moseley which duz be in Birmingham and it duz be where da man who did write Da Lord of da Rings did visit when he was little and fink
 "hang on I likes dis place I fink it would make a nice place in a book for Obbits to live"

or sumfing like dat.

It duz have lots of pathways to walk on and dis is sum noo ones.

But I didn't always stick to da path...I is hiddin in this picture can you see me!

I has been here before so I did lead da way...

Back in 2005 wiv Mum and little Tommy (Jack is da bump in Mums coat)

Me and Little Tommy...

Me and my old friend Chester who duz now live in Australia!

Tommy did do sum balancin and I did watch him from da bank...

I did also escort him on sum explorin...

But as you can see explorin a bog duz give you black feet...

Tommy, Jack and Dad did push/pull up a tree!!!!!!

was hard werk (your oscar is in da post dad)

This duz be da old pathways they is a bit narrower but more fun to walk on...

I fink I let Jack check dat it is safe...

I did have a sniff about and mum did take sum photos that is pretty...

But did you meet any ovva dogs I hear you say...

This duz be Brian

I fink dis one wants to say hello to mum.

and dis duz be handshake before da game.

For those of you who duz be payin attenshun and who duz read books, I finks dat dis duz be middle Urf...

(Jack did nearly fall BOL)

After a nice day I did not want to sit in da back wiv da smelly boys they might have got my nice white fur muddy so I did sit in front by mum...

Fank you Martha da explorer.