Wednesday, 23 February 2011

For Baxter and Oslo

Just a quick bloggy for my New Zealand buddies @Baxter_man and @Oslo_Pup.

I did tell Baxter last year that he should put some stamps on himself and jump in the post box,

and I is still waitin...

I has even got some men round to make da house extra safe...

When I did see da noos I did have to make sure it wasn't one of Baxters plans to blow up da fridge again...

We did wait all day for Baxter and Oslo to let us know they was ok...but then did fink hang on it be their night time so we did relax a little bit (not)

They is both ok so we duz be sayin if you duz have time you can help others too...

there is lots of hashtags on twitter that we did follow for noos and this is how I found the links if you duz want me to put sum on the pleeze tell me.



  1. Dat iz a luffly blog Marfa for Baxta and Oslo. It iz such a releef dat dey is OK but so many uvver anipalz and their oomans are not OK. I fink we shuld have all ov dem in our forts and prayers. xx

  2. Martha, what a wonderful Westie blog for our pals in New Zealand! I do hope we hear from them soon and that they are all well.

  3. Wow me is real touched. I has tear in my eye and Ma and Pa bof cry too. You are all so specul to care so much fanks everyfing. Marfa this bloggie has real cheer us all up fank you in more ways Dan I can express here.

  4. Thanks for the lovely post. It's pretty bad further south and your love and care are much appreciated. The chip in has raised $870US at the last count. So, thanks to folks like you we can help the SPCA Canterbury.

  5. Well done for your blog my pal. We are so glad our pals is safe but it must be worryin time for others