Monday, 31 October 2011

A place of me own.

hello to all my furiends old and noo,
I duz finally have me own blog to do wot I likes wiv, mum can't come along and rite borin fings bout the boys and werk and the football she can do that on her own (legally contracted to say) very fine blog which can be found at my old address
2 boys and a dog
I fink she gonna leave me old posts up (coz she too scared to delete them)
Fank you for poppin by
Martha x


  1. Ello for you Marffa. Is nice to haz a blog. I be checkin back for your updates. Woof

  2. Hello Marfa, i duz like yoor pawprintz on yoor blog, looking forward to seeing yoor posts. Hamish and Moo