Sunday, 15 August 2010

Our Holiday (By @MarthaTheWestie)

On Sunday we did go on our holidaze.

We did get in da car and drive to Wales.

I did sit wiv Tommy and Jack.

We did stay in a place called Cwmbach by Glasbury it is on da River Wye.

In a cottidge called Ty Carreg which meen Stonehouse and it duz belong to Da Stonehouse gang who dad duz help play footy wiv,

I fink it duz belong to da sheeps.

On Sunday afternoon we did all go for a paddle in da river.

Tommy in da River.

Me (Martha).

Me paddlin.

Tommy and Jack in da River Wye.



Tommy up to his middle.

Me and Paul.

Jack havin a dance.

Tommy and Jack.

Me and Lindsey.

Tommy and Jack

I did say hello to some swans.

me and sum swans.

At da cottidge there is no tellybox so we did do other things like playin dominos or sleepin BOL.

Tommy and Jack (and me in da background).

On Mundee it was mum's burfday so we did go out for a picnic in a castle

Tommy, Lindsey, Jack and Martha.

and a look round Abergavenny which was a nice dog friendly town.

Tommy and Jack and a shepherd statue.

Outside the 'Miserable Cow Cafe'

Jack did do the washin up on Mundee night,


we duz usuallee have masheen dat do it so Jack did reelee enjoy it.

On Toosday we did go to Aberaeron, we did drive froo da rain and when we got dare it was luffly an sunny.

crossin da harbour.

We did go to da beach.

Jack drawin in da sand.


Martha and Jack.


Tommy and Jack.


Tommy and Jack.

Martha sniffin'

Martha lyin in da sand.

Tommy did find an ant… And he did carry it back to da town!

We did have ‘posh’ ice creams.

Tommy, Jack, Paul and Martha.

Then we did drive down da coast and did find a realee luffly place called Llangranog.
Mum and Dad did say dat it was like magic when they drove down coz they was not expectin such a bootiful place…

We did have fish an chips by da sea…yum yum.

Waitin for a chip.

Waitin for another one.

helpin Tommy and Jack dig holes.

On Wensdee we did go to Brecon and did have a woodland walk and anuvver pic nic.


Lindsey, Martha, Jack and Tommy.


Tommy, Jack and Paul.

Lindsey, Martha, Jack and Tommyenjoyin da pic-nic.

Then we did go to Erwood and did see an old train

Jack and Tommy

But then uh oh the car did not we did ring da RAC and we did wait…

And they did come and look at the car…

Then ‘Dave’ did take dad back to da cottidge to get the other key!!!!! We did wait in da car…

And when he did get back it did work straight away…crazy car, Dave did say dat the chip had gone…I hope I didn’t eat it on Toosday!

On Fursdee we did go to Hay on Wye. There be lotsa books in da shops…

Tommy and Jack.

Tommy, Lindsey and Jack.

Tommy and Jack.

Tommy, Martha and Jack. Hay-on-Wye castle.

Tommy and Jack did by a net wiv their holiday munnee and did go to da river.

Martha drinkin da sunshine.



Tommy wiv his net.

We did have a very luffly holiday and we did all enjoy it…



and Jack xxx

But it did be very tiring…

I fink I wood like to go again.


  1. Dis it the bestest holiday blog I di eva read. Oh you had such a luffly happy time. And you do da paddlin too...and ya have two boies, 'cept mine seem nearer da sky than yours... I do hope it wasn't da chips ya ate dat upset da car! BOL! Thank you for sharing such a luffly bloggy with bootiful photos. Westie Licks and much Wagging of da Tail. AnnieB XXX

  2. Ooh Marfa you duz look as tho you duz hav luffly hollibobs wiv your family. I see you did sum paddlin but no swimmin!

  3. Aww martha...thanku for sharing! Looks like you all had a fab time on holidays & have took lots of lovely pictures :) x x

  4. Martha you are clever as well as luverly!!Fantastic holiblog. Nannaxx

  5. Hi mi mate Martha. I'm poowly at the moment so Mommy red it out to me. I like your fotos. I liked Llangrannog too. It is one of my favorite betches Luv Dudley xxxxx