Friday, 3 September 2010

My Favorit Toys

I is doin a blog hop, it is Cokie's great anipal photo hunt.

He duz be here

I did read Marley and Lola's so did fink I do one too.

there blog duz be here

I duz be tellin you about my favorit toy and it duz be tennis balls I just love em...

I duz particulalee love it when I finds an abandoned tennis ball in the park, this duz be treasure to me.

I did apparently *steal* a ball from outside a seaside shop, I dun know it was for buyin I did just fink somebuddy had left um for doggies, I did take it all da way to the beach and all da way home to da middle of Hingland and den I did rip it into tiny pieces BOL!

Fank you for readin Love Martha x

I is tryin to get link to werk but it bein norty...grrrrrrrrr.


  1. Awwww Martha! Ya be a Westie just like me! I do love your 'Treasure' ya collecting.... AND ya are very quick to follow dat Marley on dis bloggy thingy! BOL! Love your Sista In White Westie Fur...AnnieB X

  2. Hi Martha, ZuZu goes crazy for tennis balls too! You're very cute!