Monday, 5 July 2010

Word from the Westie.

hello to my furends it iz me marfa, i duz finally be allowed on to da blog.
I iz gettin very hixited becoz it duz be summer holibobs time soon and dat duz mean dat mum, dad (when he not at werk) and da boyz iz at home wiv me, westie woofs all round.

dis duz mean dat there will be lots of time for dis...

and hopefully at least one day of dis...

and a chance for some noms...

...whatcha got there Tommy.

and lots a walks wiv da family...

...Jack duz be good at dat.

so dat is all to look forward I will catch up on my sleeps till then...woof you later x

1 comment:

  1. hello Martha. Oh exciting looking forward to the holibobs! I think you going to have fun times! I looking forward to the same too! Lotsof Westie Licks. AnnieB