Saturday, 8 May 2010

todays favourite

My fave blog at the moment


  1. He he... Hamish's Blog is just so funniee. Ma and I love to read it! do you follow @Marleyterrier too? He funnie... Westie Kisses

  2. Oh I think you right to think of blogs as extended twitter.... there is so much to say and so few characters to say it in! BOL! You remind me and my Ma of only a few years ago with your boys. They are such sweeties and I do hope England successful just for their sakes! My boies are big teenage thingies now but they still love me and i still do zooomies when they come home! They taught me how to be a 'proper' Westie! Just for now, until next time, Sending you very many Westie Licks and Nose Nudges. Your furiend AnnieB! X

  3. I duz jus reed that you say my blog is your fave in May. I am so honored that you duz like it. Fankyou very much. Westies cuddles. xx