Sunday, 19 December 2010

Holidays around my house

Hellos and Merry Christmas to you all,

We is joinin in wiv Oscars blog hop and I has sent mum out wiv the camera to take some photos of the snow and the lights in our road.

it did start snowin yesterdee and I did go out for a walk in it...

It did get quite deep for a westie wiv short legs...

and I did get snowballs in my fur...

The boys did play in it for a bit...

(yes Dad duz have sock on his hands...he lost his glubs again, norty boy)

My road did look like this yesterdee

Then Mum did go out tonight and take some photos of peepuls lights and a few arty farty ones of da moon and da trees (what she like hey!!)

Da back garden (if ya look carefully you can see snorin squirrels BOL)

And we fink dat dey look very nice in da snow, Fank you for lookin and Merry Christmas and a Happy Noo Year.

Martha the Westie and her fotographic assistant wiv bloo fingas...


  1. Wow!!! Xmas lights covered in snow! I LUV them!

    These are great pikshurs and I especially like the one with you covered in snow balls. BOL That is pretty neat the way da snow sticks to ya!

    Thanks for joinin in my Blog Hop, Martha (and fotographer with bloo fingers, BOL).
    xxx Oz

  2. your snow pictures look great. The last one of the trees is my favorite.