Thursday, 14 October 2010

1 week twitter-mini challenge... vroom vroom

watch this space for our mini be continued.....

vroom vroom.

starring Martha




On thursday Rebus did challenge me and Annie, we had to try and get our photo taken with a mini for 5 points and IN a mini for 10 points

We did rise to da challenge and on my friday walk wiv mum I did see 4 mini's

Annie did see these ones...

And rebus did see this one...

I fink you will agree we did done good, but no doggie did get in da mini :o(

Well on Friday Margot did tell us about Rusty...

So we did go on a #minitrip ... and so the story begins BOL...

Firstly we needed somefurries to come wiv us...
Did all put their paws up for da trip.

and then somewhere to go... 

They do live in Canada so they did need visiting.

Well as some of you clever doggies will know Canada does be over da water...

So we did need to press da aqua button...
Rebus did do da drivin but Annie got a bit scared of his crazy boy drivin so we did insist on helmets...

Then Baxter did get worried about his passport...

but we fink we got it sorted...

we did just sneek under da sign...

We did see some friendly locals along da way...

Annie did want to give um a lift BOL...

But I dun know if was all da travellin ar da Bacon beer but Rebus did need these...

'ARE WE THERE YET' was da call from da back...

Da Westie Girls and Da Pets Shop Bois had arrived at Griff and Ollies...

floor 5 pleeze.

Griff and Ollie did put on some sossidjis...

Oh boy I did nearly forget da cake just like oz did on da night he did run down to da mini and get it...

and we did do lots a zoomin...Then it was time to go and see poorly Stewie and cheer him up...

So off to @jonesgirl_3 I fink we did go past a lighthouse and Stewies was on da left...

It was gettin late and only me and @Baxter_man was left so we did give Stewie and Frankie big snuggles and set off home...

I did sneak da car back into da garage and leave a fankyou sossidj for @margotwestie...

(hope she not see dat dent...)

We did have hooj fun and @Oz_theterrier did write this song about it...

Travelling Terriers: What's Playing on the Car Radio

Inspired by the Twitter MINI Challenge (seen here on Martha the Westie's blog) and our first Twitter #minitrip...

We had lots of fun on our #minitrip, bringing the Westie girls to visit Ollie and Da'Griff and I thought, 'Westie girls' that sounds a lot like 'West End girls' and thus I had an inspired idea.  So without further ado, I introduce to you Da Pet Shoppe Boies...

...and their new single release...

"Westie Girls"
by Da Pet Shoppe Boies (original lyrics by Pet Shop Boys; new ones by Oscar De Wilde)

Sometimes you're better off led
By the leash on your neck that’s pulling at your head
You think you're mad, too unstable
Barking at cars and chewing at the cable
That leads you through a Westie town
Call the catcher, there's a mad-dog around
Running around, unbound to a dog park
In a Westie town

In a Westie town, a tail end world
The East End boys and Westie Girls
In a Westie town, a tail end world
The East End boys and Westie Girls
In the darkness, whimpering barks

Westie Girls

Doggies on posters, so many marks
Who, when, why, what?
What treat have you got?
Did you bring it, can you get it, if so, how often?
Bone or biscuit, those are your options...
(What’s best for your breed?)

In a Westie town, a tail end world
The East End boys and Westie Girls
In a Westie town, a tail end world
The East End boys and Westie Girls
Westie Girls
Westie Girls
(What’s best for your breed?)

Repeat Chorus

A dog bowl of glass or a dog bowl of stone
Hop in the MINI we’re not going home
We've got far to go, but I drive real fast
Here today, let’s have a blast
In every city, in every nation
Terriers driving through the border station
(How far have you been?)

In a Westie town, a tail end world
The East End boys and Westie Girls
In a Westie town, a tail end world
East End boys, Westie Girls
Westie Girls
Westie Girls
Westie Girls

Fank you friends see ya next time VROOM VROOM...

Martha (your only sposed to blow da loody doors off) the Westie xxx


  1. Brilliant, Martha! We did have such fun on our #minitrip to visit @theGobros and @onesgirl_3 in Canada! This is a very luffly reminder that did have me and Ma ROTFB/L repsectively! BOL! Oscar's Poem is inspirational! Thanks for the fun. Loves your fellow Westie Girl, Annie! X

  2. BOL! This is fan-tab-u-lous, Martha! That was the bestest (and the first) minitrip I ever did go on and it was top fun! Thanx you soooo much for putting all da reminders in one post/place so we can revisit our trip whenever we like.
    (Youz one wonderful 'Westie Girl' >winks<)
    Your furiend, Oz xxxx